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Evolving to meet your short-term household needs

In the spring of 2008, in response to rapidly changing economic conditions, Wee Care Nanny Agency responded to a new but growing demand for short-term help. Many parents are currently interviewing for or transitioning into new jobs or consulting from home. Because your work lives are in flux, we understand that you are unable to make a permanent commitment to a nanny. Some of you also want temporary coverage due to daycare closures, sick children, sick nannies, pregnancy bed rest or just a night out with your spouse! We asked our registered nannies from our permanent division if they would be interested in doing on-call sitting on the side, and the response was a resounding yes! Thus, Wee Care Sitters, a membership-optional temporary-care branch of our agency, was born.

Rest assured that we use only our experienced nannies to fill any temporary babysitting positions. The philosophy behind this is simple- our professional nannies make the best sitters. Our temporary nannies are either supplementing their current full-time nanny position, interviewing for a permanent nanny position, or filling in prior to starting a new position.

Our experienced and dedicated temporary nannies are available seven days a week during days, evenings, overnights and weekends. We also offer same day coverage for emergencies.

Joining Wee Care Sitters

Becoming a member of Wee Care Sitters for a yearly fee of $199 means you’ll get a number of exclusive benefits unavailable to non-members. For starters, you’ll be able to use our temporary nanny service. If a job change, illness or other family situation means you need help for anywhere from a week to a few months, we’ve got you covered (see “Temporary Nannies”). And while all of our temporary nannies are excellent, your children may have developed a special bond with one particular caregiver we’ve sent to you in the past. As a Wee Care Sitters member, you’ll be able to request that favorite person specifically.

If your needs are less child focused, Wee Care Sitters also offers temporary companions, house cleaners, party servers and housekeepers. Think of us when you host your next event!

Additional Benefits of Membership in Wee Care Sitters:

  • If a member decides to hire their current temporary nanny on a permanent basis, Wee Care will credit all booking fees paid for the temporary nanny toward the long-term placement fee.
  • Priority status over non-members when you need temporary coverage.
  • Access to on-call Placement Manager for 24/7 emergency coverage.
  • Ability to request specific Nannies.
  • On-going temporary placements (same nanny on a set schedule for 1 week - 4 months or longer.)
  • Reduced rate on daily booking fee for all temporary providers including-nannies, sitters, companions, party servers, and cleaners.